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RFID Virus News story

On 15 March 2006, Melanie Rieback presented a paper coauthored with Andrew S. Tanenbaum and Bruno Crispo at the IEEE Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications conference, where it won a Best Paper Award. Since there were 280 submissions and 31 accepted papers, that was an achievement in itself. In addition, the paper (which showed that it was possible to infect RFID chips with viruses) received massive worldwide publicity. There were stories in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Reuters, UPI, de Volkskrant, Computable, Computerworld, Computer Weekly, CNN, BBC, Fox News, MSNBC, and many other print, broadcast, and online news outlets, and blogs. Below is a selection of links.

In addition, Andy and Melanie were interviewed by close to a dozen radio stations and other media outlets. The story also hit Slashdot, one of the biggest tech/business news sites.

For information about how to create the RFID viruses and how to defend against them, see www.rfidvirus.org. Our group is also working on privacy in an RFID-enabled world. For information on that, see www.rfidguardian.org. At the bottom of that page is a video demonstrating the RFID Guardian in action.

If you know of any other links, please send them to ast@cs.vu.nl.

Cached copies of some pages are provided in the case the originals are no longer available.

TV and Radio Stations

Australian Broadcasting Corp (Cached copy)
CNN (Cached copy)
BBC (Cached copy)
Fox News (Cached copy)
MSNBC (Cached copy)

Wire Services

UPI (Cached copy)
Reuters (Cached copy)


New York Times (Cached copy)
De Morgen (Cached copy)
De Telegraaf (Cached copy)
De Volkskrant 15 March page 1 (Cached copy)
De Volkskrant 15 March page 3 (Cached copy)
Herald News Daily (Cached copy)
International Herald Tribune (Cached copy)
Khaleej Times (Cached copy)
NRC Handelsblad (Cached copy)
Seattle Post Intelligencer (Cached copy)
SPITS 1 (Cached copy)
SPITS 2 (Cached copy)
Sydney Morning Herald (Cached copy)
Trouw (Cached copy)
Washington Post (Cached copy)
Ynet (Cached copy)

Trade Newspapers

Automatisering Gids (Cached copy)
Computer Weekly (Cached copy)
Computerworld (Cached copy)
Computerworld (BE) (Cached copy)
Computerworld (DK) (Cached copy)
Computerworld (NO) (Cached copy)
Computerwoche (Cached copy)
E-Week 1 (Cached copy)
E-Week 2 (Cached copy)
Information Week 1 (Cached copy)
Information Week 2 (Cached copy)
IT Week (Cached copy)
Leading the Charge (Cached copy)


Bright (Cached copy)
Business Week (Cached copy)
Computer Business Review 1 (Cached copy)
Computer Business Review 2 (Cached copy)
Dagens IT (Cached copy)
New Scientist (Cached copy)
HCC Magazine (Cached copy)
PC Magazine (Cached copy)
PC World (Cached copy)
Red Herring (Cached copy)
RFID Journal (Cached copy)
Supplychain Review (Cached copy)
SC Magazine UK (Cached copy)

Web News Sites/E-zines

AIM Global 1 (Cached copy)
AIM Global 2 (Cached copy)
ARNnet (Cached copy)
Ars Technica (Cached copy)
BetaNews (Cached copy)
CMPnetAsia (Cached copy)
CNET News.com (Cached copy)
Computer Weekly (Cached copy)
CXOToday (Cached copy)
Cyber India Online (Cached copy)
DailyIndia.com (Cached copy)
detikinet (Cached copy)
ExtremeTech (Cached copy)
ExtremeTech 2 (Cached copy)
Financial Times Deutschland (Cached copy)
Finfacts Ireland (Cached copy)
Geek.com (Cached copy)
Heise 1 (Cached copy)
Heise 2 (Cached copy)
Information Security Bulletin (Cached copy)
Ingenioren (Cached copy)
IT Observer (Cached copy)
The Inquirer 1 (Cached copy)
The Inquirer 2 (Cached copy)
IT Media Japan (Cached copy)
IT Week (Cached copy)
Kriptopolis (Cached copy)
Line56 (Cached copy)
Local News Leader (Cached copy)
Medical News Today (Cached copy)
Mobile Magazine (Cached copy)
M&C News (Cached copy)
Monsters And Critics (Cached copy)
News One Pierceland Herald (Cached copy)
nu.nl (Cached copy)
NyTeknik (Cached copy)
Pakistan News Service (Cached copy)
People to People (Cached copy)
Post Chronicle (Cached copy)
physorg.com (Cached copy)
RFID Punt (Cached copy)
RFID Update 1 (Cached copy)
RFID Update 2 (Cached copy)
SecurityFocus (Cached copy)
Security.nl (Cached copy)
SecurityProNews (Cached copy)
Techtree.com India (Cached copy)
TechNewsWorld (Cached copy)
Techworld (Cached copy)
telecomasia.net (Cached copy)
testticker.de (Cached copy)
The Industry Standard (Cached copy)
The Register (Cached copy)
TMC Net (Cached copy)
Tweakers.net (Cached copy)
Unstrung (Cached copy)
VNU (Cached copy)
Webwereld (Cached copy)
Wireless IT World (Cached copy)
Yahoo! News (Cached copy)
ZDNet.be (Cached copy)
ZDNet NL (Cached copy)


Autopope (Cached copy)
Bar Code Nerds (Cached copy)
blogs.thejumps.co.uk (Cached copy)
Boing Boing (Cached copy)
Bruce Schneier Security Weblog (Cached copy)
De:Bug (Cached copy)
Freedom-to-tinker.com (Cached copy)
InfoSecDaily (Cached copy)
Get Over IT (Cached copy)
Loose wire blog (Cached copy)
Netmonk Security Blog (Cached copy)
PMM Blog Noot (Cached copy)
Spam Roll (Cached copy)
Spychips (Cached copy)
TechSearch (Cached copy)
The Turkey Curse (Cached copy)
Wikilab (Cached copy)
Wired Blogs (Cached copy)


Computer Crime Research Center (Cached copy)
Contractor UK (Cached copy)
Engadget (Cached copy)
GovExec.com (Cached copy)
gulli (Cached copy)
Innovations Report (Cached copy)
LinuxElectrons (Cached copy)
Moldova.org (Cached copy)
morerfid.com 1 (Cached copy)
morerfid.com 2 (Cache copy)
out-law.com (Cached copy)
Planet CCC (Cached copy)
Playfuls.com (Cached copy)
silicon.com (Cached copy)
Sitedeals (Cached copy)
Slug (Cached copy)
Sophos (Cached copy)
TechPlanetAsia (Cached copy)
TechSpot (Cached copy)
Texas Animal Health Commission Watch         (Cached copy)
Volny (Cached copy)
WhatPC? (Cached copy)